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Best-Selling Board Games of All Time | Episode 116

Episode Notes

EPISODE 116 | 

Checkers. Risk. Settlers of Catan. Ouija. What are the best-selling board games - a.k.a. tabletop games - of all time? On this episode, Nick brings a list of the Top 10 Board Games in History, and Brandon hopes he's not "SORRY" when he guesses all 10 in real-time.


PLUS...the origins of each board game, surprising facts and trivia about each board game, Brandon explains how to play each game on the list, movies inspired by board games, the first electronic board game, the National Toy Hall of Fame, Bill Murray, chocolate-flavored shit, the best and worst kids games, Sherlock Holmes, old men with jowls, the various branded editions of some of the top board games, Uncle Wiggily, Hello Kitty, the total number of possible board positions on some of the top games, popping the little bubble,  George Costanza, battling a 8-year old at board games, and MUCH more.


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